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Services we offer

Our services include helping homeowners, property managers and/or agents offering serviced apartments, short-term, furnished housing with those in need of temporary living accommodations. We provide corporate housing for anyone in need of short-term, furnished housing. Serviced Apartments is a type of furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stays, which provides amenities for daily use. Serviced apartments can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms. Because of the beginning of the boom in cheap international travel as well as the corresponding increase in the level of sophistication of international travelers, interest in serviced apartments has risen at the expense of the use of hotels for short stays

For landlords looking to offer their properties as a Serviced Apartment, we offer: (1) The ability to market and advertise your property to thousands of individuals in search for corporate housing (2) Access to various tools, forms, resources and advice to help you become a successful, do-it-yourself landlord (3) The means to become a profitable landlord by getting your property in front of high-quality tenants.

Our services for potential renters/tenants include: (1) Searchable database of thousands of corporate rental properties offered by individual property owners around the world (2) Ability to connect with property owners directly, taking out the middleman.

Short-term housing is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a month or longer stay in a home located outside of their city. Short-term housing is defined as housing that is available for temporary rent. Renters can very often negotiate a occupancy that works for both parties. Rather than commit to long-term leases, especially when you're unsure of how long your stay will be, short-term corporate housing is the perfect solution... and the perfect alternative to the expense of a hotel. There are no long term leases - just bring your suitcase and move in, and there is no need to stay in an expensive hotel for extended business trips or vacations.
Homeowners displaced by floods, tornadoes, fires or other natural disasters often turn to corporate housing. When your home is unlivable and is being repaired, suggest that your insurance company house in you a corporate rental rather than a hotel. Find a property near your current house so your family can be near its schools and friends. If your insurance provider doesn't know about corporate housing, ask that they learn about it. You can even identify a property to stay in and sharing properties of interest with your insurance provider. If your house is a construction zone due to a remodeling project, instead of living through the dust and noise, consider staying in a corporate rental. We can help identify a property available for-rent near your home. All you need is your suitcase - you can move right in. If you are a traveling nurse or medical worker away from your hometown for months or years at a time, instead of entering into a long-term lease deal or staying in a hotel, consider renting a fully furnished corporate housing property instead. A corporate rental will include a full size kitchen, family room and bedrooms making your stay more comfortable and home-like.